Luther Marsh

The sun was warm but the wind was chill. You know how it is with an April day.”  – Robert Frost


Another sunny, but chilly and very windy day. We decided to check out the Luther Marsh. It was a little tricky finding some kind of actual entrance. We finally asked a local who was busily planting trees along a ditch. Of course he knew we were going to ask for directions to the Marsh before we even asked. “GPS?”, he asked knowingly.
“No, we’re old school,” replied Dave. “
Ah,” he said approvingly, “The GPS always leads people to a dead end.”
Although, I have to say, the book of Ontario roads that we use wasn’t much more helpful. But finally we found the way in! On a warmer day it looks like a great place to explore in a canoe (as long as it’s not a hunting day.) There was still a surprising amount of snow on the ground in some places.

DSC_5640Hermit Thrush
DSC_5692Song Sparrow
There were also lots of ducks and a few swans on the water, but it they were pretty distant. One thing we saw though that was cause for concern was a large number of dead fish in the water.


Even though winter seems to be hanging on, there were hopeful signs of spring; pussywillows, bugs, frogs, flowers and dragonflies! After a couple of hours we decided to drive around the perimeter of the Conservation Area and were surprised at the sight of a trio of Sandhill Cranes near a woodlot at the edge of a field. They were pretty far away and the wind was still blasting away so the photos aren’t too clear.

DSC_5716Eastern Phoebe
DSC_5745Sandhill Cranes



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