Spring in St.Mary’s

Tuesday was a little chilly and started out overcast but our curiosity about what the spring migration had brought back to the area made us head out to see what was going on along the Thames near St. Marys. On the way, we saw one of the pair of Bald Eagles sitting near the nest, but we couldn’t see the mate. We also spotted a lone juvenile flying above us at the river and a little later we could see a pair of Bald Eagles flying past as well.

DSC_6012 (2)
Swallows were swirling around in large flocks above the water, as of course, were the bugs they were enjoying! The riverbank was lively too, as sounds of birds filled the air again. It was good hear after the relative quiet of the winter months. Lots of familiar birds have returned. We could hear a lot of Red-winged Blackbirds, Starling and Robins along with the squawking of Mallards and Canada Geese and we also noted a few Kingfishers noisily speeding by.

DSC_5998 (2)
Waders have returned too although they were difficult to pick out among the rocks in the middle of the river. 

DSC_6031 (2)

DSC_6038 (2)
DSC_6014 (2)

And a trip to St. Mary’s wouldn’t be complete without seeing a Great Blue Heron at this time of year.



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