A May Day

After a busy Mother’s Day weekend with wacky, unpredictable weather, Monday afternoon turned out to be a surprisingly beautiful day for some bird spotting close to home, around Harrington. We decided to head out that way to see if the Egrets had returned. We had also checked the lookout at Hespler on our way home from Toronto after having abandoned the 401 in a deluge! There weren’t any Egrets there yet but we did see a small flock of 30 or so small waders that could have been plovers or sandpipers but were too far off to identify clearly. There were a few swans there and some Canada Geese with their goslings though. Anyhow, back to Harrington.

There were absolutely no ducks or geese in the water at the far end of Wildwood Lake but the brush and woods were noisy with birds like this Eastern Kingbird and a Baltimore Oriole as well as Blue Jays and Red-winged Blackbirds, Chickadees, and Finches.


We decided to head on over to Harrington Pond since it was so close by to check out the action before heading home. It was much more lively there, not on the pond but in the trees and bushes around the pond. In fact, I would have liked to have stayed much longer but had to be content with a quick visit. I felt like a child running around in pursuit of one bird after another and not knowing where to look next! We spotted a Baltimore Oriole that was much more cooperative for the camera and a trio of Gray Catbirds which we have never seen before!

DSC_6430Baltimore Oriole
DSC_6461Gray Catbird
Obviously there are lots of bugs around!

DSC_6445Tree Swallow


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