On to Hillman Marsh!

On to Hillman Marsh! Or, Victoria Day Birding – Day 2 – Part 2 to be more exact. We decided to forego the temptation of a fish dinner and head straight on to the Hillman Marsh for the remains of the day.  We were a little dismayed to see a thick fog over the shorebird pond area as we approached the marsh. But in spite of the fog, there were still birders with scopes there so we knew there must be something to look at! As always there were lots of Tree Swallows savouring the bug population.

Just as we arrived a couple of Great Egrets flew in for a short time before taking off again.

DSC_7218Northern Shoveler


We were lucky enough to see a couple of the American Avocets which we had been hearing about for the last week or so. The wind and sun appeared for a short time which made sighting them easier. (In addition to the spotting scope shared by some enthusiastic birders!)




DSC_7245 (2)
DSC_7278 (2)
DSC_7323 (2)

DSC_7266 (2)
DSC_7277 (2)Dunlins

It’s remarkable to note how different the weather appears in these photos when they were all taken on the same day in the same place within a couple of hours.

DSC_7225 (2)More Yellow Warblers!

DSC_7260 (2)Whimbrels taking off!

DSC_7284 (2)Great Blue Heron

DSC_7201 (2)A gaggle of young Canada Geese quietly waiting for us to pass by.

And last but not least, it was a day for Painted Turtles.

DSC_7220 (2)

DSC_7221 (2)

Day 3 – On to Long Point for Holiday Monday!


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