Local Bird Spotting

2015MayStMarysHarrington 140

Unreliable weather, a rotten cold and busy schedules have curtail bird business for the remains of May and the beginning of June. But here are some of the birds that have returned to the area around Stratford and St. Marys. The light morph hawk above can often be seen near Wildwood. And Catbirds seem to be everywhere! Eastern Kingbirds, Red-winged Blackbirds, Kildeer and Warblers have returned as well.

2015MayStMarysHarrington 0212015MayStMarysHarrington 0542015MayStMarysHarrington 1232015MayStMarysHarrington 1042015MayStMarysHarrington 0982015MayStMarysHarrington 047Hmmm.. Perhaps this sparrow is just house sitting!

2015MayStMarysHarrington 085


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