DSC_6513Lately the lake at Wildwood has been quiet. The migrating ducks have moved on and the gulls haven’t returned yet, at least not in the numbers that we will see a little later in the summer. I have been hoping to see the Wood Ducks that nested near the sailing club last year but no luck so far. So, in the meantime, the bugs are back so the bug eaters are back too. Swallows and King birds are easy to spot and the Orioles and Warblers are easy to hear but not as easy to see!

2015MayLondonBunting 055

We have been lucky to see a couple of Indigo Buntings this spring. That flash of blue is unmistakeable even from a distance.

2015JuneWildwoodStMarys 145

2015JuneWildwoodStMarys 108

2015JuneWildwoodStMarys 004We see a lot of Eastern King birds at Wildwood. They don’t seem to be at all bothered by people and cameras and have an affinity for perching on the top of masts!

2015JuneWildwoodStMarys 087

2015MayLondonBunting 0872015JuneWildwoodStMarys 174Just as we were leaving the club, this Yellow Shafted Northern Flicker flew past the car into the trees!

2015JuneWildwoodStMarys 220 DSC_6568


2 thoughts on “Wildwood

    • Hi Jonathan It’s a great spot! We spend a lot of time there during the summer sailing and canoeing. I’d also like to walk or cycle the entire trail this summer, we’ve done parts but not the whole thing
      . I forgot to mention that we were there we saw a Bald Eagle soaring over the lake too. They can be seen there regularly during the summer and following the river into St. Marys!

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