Great Blues

It’s always a pleasure to see the Herons return to Southern Ontario. Their long, slow flapping motion make them easy to identify in the sky even from a great distance. I’ve begun to see Great Blue Herons at the Avon River in Stratford and at the Thames in St. Marys as well as Wildwood Lake. And there were four wading in the Thames near Hespeler where we stopped on the way home from Toronto last week.

2016TorontoHespler 0072016TorontoHespler 0112016TorontoHespler 019
2016TorontoHespler 035And a pair of Common Terns!

2016TorontoHespler 037

I think I have heard and seen (well sometimes not seen) more Baltimore Orioles this year than ever before. Perhaps it’s just because I’m getting better at recognizing the calls and knowing how they move about, but anyway, I sure have seen a lot this year. Here is one of the camera-shy variety that I heard calling from the trees near the car.

2016TorontoHespler 0622016TorontoHespler 050


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