June Birds

2015LondonCedarWaxwings 115
Mid-June brought a lot of rain and cloudy skies with gaps when it’s possible to get out and see the birds! Although we didn’t see many ducks, except for a few mallards, there were a number of birds to be seen on the trails. Finches, Yellow Warblers, Catbirds, Eastern Kingbirds and Baltimore Orioles as well as the first Cedar Waxwings of the year for us!

2015LondonCedarWaxwings 139Catbird
2015LondonCedarWaxwings 148
Female Rose Breasted Grosbeak?

2015LondonCedarWaxwings 187
Eastern Kingbird

2015LondonCedarWaxwings 214

2015LondonCedarWaxwings 239Cedar Waxwings
2015LondonCedarWaxwings 232


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