More June Sightings

2015Junewilwoodtrail 005 Eastern Kingbirds are frequent summer birds in this area. They can easily be seen sitting at the sides of roads on wires or on fences, on sailboat masts and in trees. And they are generally cooperative and not bothered by birders with cameras. However, aside from the Eastern Kingbirds that we usually see, we saw a Great Crested Flycatcher on the way to a morning hike at Wildwood. At first I thought it was an Eastern Kingbird because of the yellow belly, but you can see the “rufous-orange primaries” which identify it as a Great Crested Flycatcher. Evidently they are the only eastern flycatchers that nest in holes. Huh!

2015Junewilwoodtrail 038Eastern Kingbird

2015Junewilwoodtrail 017Song Sprarrow with a beak-full 2015Junewilwoodtrail 046Baltimore Oriole 2015Junewilwoodtrail 048Cedar Waxwings

2015Junewilwoodtrail 064We headed onto the Wildwood Trail off the 31st line near one of the bridges. We had walked there during the winter and I thought then that the trail that goes from the woods along the lake and then into a grassy meadow would be a fine place to watch birds in the summer. Sure enough, even though we were only there for a couple of hours we saw a wide variety of birds! I plan to go back there since it’s so close to home. 2015Junewilwoodtrail 084Flicker 2015Junewilwoodtrail 1102015Junewilwoodtrail 140 2015Junewilwoodtrail 124 2015Junewilwoodtrail 111Possibly a Henslow’s Sparrow?
H2015Junewilwoodtrail 1552015Junewilwoodtrail 188 2015Junewilwoodtrail 034


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