July along the Thames

2015July6stmarys 002
After a short sail at Wildwood, we fled from the dingy back to the car to avoid the mosquitoes, which, while they weren’t nearly as bad as a they have been lately, were still pretty vicious! The only birds we took in were the ones we could see along the road, and in addition to the Kildeer that are always at the side of the highway, we spotted another Indigo Bunting. We are surprised at the number of Indigo Buntings and Baltimore Orioles we’ve seen this year! We decided to take our coffee to the side of the Thames to see what was happening there. It was very hot and muggy, but the breeze under the big trees near the flats kept the bugs at bay and kept us cool at the same time. We watched for the Red-bellied Woodpecker that we had seen earlier in June and sure enough, it was still hanging around the nest.

2015July6stmarys 055
2015July6stmarys 071

2015July6stmarys 038
2015July6stmarys 044
2015July6stmarys 018

Now the Great Blue Herons seem to be everywhere in the area, gliding across the rivers and lakes and fishing in the shallows.

2015July6stmarys 034


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