Along the Road

2015Julysailingrace 013Chipping Sparrow

2015Julysailingrace 024
These days we spend as much time going back and forth to Wildwood because the Canadian sailing season is pretty darn short! So, I often have to make do with watching for birds as we come and go. And the mosquitoes have been so vicious that we don’t hang around the woods much these days either! Nonetheless, it’s surprising what you can see along the way!

2015Julysailingrace 181
2015Julysailingrace 184
I am not the only one who has remarked on the amazing number of Baltimore Orioles that we are seeing this summer!

2015Julysailingrace 185

2015Julysailingrace 187
2015Julysailingrace 188Barn Swallows


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