Wood Duck Bonanza!

2015JulyWildducks 008Wood Ducks
Happily, on the way to the dinghy at Wildwood Lake, I had my camera at hand when a family of Wood Ducks could be seen making their way quietly across the back of the lagoon. They were moving very quickly but a count from some of the blurry pictures showed at least eleven of them in this grouping. They remained hidden so we set sail and headed out onto the lake, but I kept my eyes peeled in case they might do the same. They didn’t, but while we were out there we spotted a Bald Eagle circling in the sky overhead. It was such a bright, sunny day that it was easy to get a good look at this gorgeous eagle.

2015JulyWildducks 014
2015JulyWildducks 015
2015JulyWildducks 016
After having packed up the boat, we headed back to where we had seen the Wood Ducks and though they were nowhere in sight, we saw a Green Heron sitting in the branches of a fallen tree.

2015JulyWildducks 064
What happened next, was kind of interesting. Either because of the Green Heron poking around, or the hapless guy on one of those paddle boards, there was a great splashing of wings on the water as the family of ducks was startled and took off. The Green Heron flew off into the trees as well. We don’t know where the rest of the Wood Ducks ended up, but two of them took off across the water in front of us and hid in a clump of long grass. We could hear them calling to the rest of the clan.

2015JulyWildducks 065
I waited for a while until things were quiet and eventually one of the ducks left the weeds to head back across the water. And I’m embarrassed to say that I didn’t notice the Green Heron in the background until I was looking at the photos later at home!
2015JulyWildducks 067Male Wood Duck (and a Green Heron in the branches)
2015JulyWildducks 075Female Wood Duck

I also got a good, short video of  one of the ducks which I will post when I have time to upload it. Stay tuned!  Here it is. Sorry for the bumpy video. I didn’t have anything to support the camera with!


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