2015JulyTowheePineries 033
Some days you just have to drop everything and head to the beach! And what I like about the Pineries, is that after you’ve had your fill of sand and sun, you can wander off into the woods to look at the birds. Even on the beach we could hear a bird warbling away in the poplars behind us but didn’t manage to pick it out. 

2015JulyTowheePineries 014
2015JulyTowheePineries 173
The feeding station at the Visitors Centre is usually pretty lively, although that day it was pretty quiet. However we did see a Baltimore Oriole and a Rose-Breasted Grosbeak. And in the woods, not too far off we could hear a bird singing persistently and loudly. When we finally located it, fairly high up in a tree, we identified it as an Eastern Towhee!

2015JulyTowheePineries 189
2015JulyTowheePineries 242
2015JulyTowheePineries 247

2015JulyTowheePineries 264
The woods were really alive with many species of birds, some familiar to us and some not. It made us realize that we need to get better at identifying birds by their songs. And surprisingly enough, perhaps because it was fairly windy, we were hardly bothered by mosquitoes at all!

2015JulyTowheePineries 023


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