Cap Tormente

2015Quebec4 095
At Cap Tormente you can choose a number of different hikes that wind through different bird habitats; down by the shores of the St. Lawrence, through meadows, the woods or the cliffs where raptors nest. However you are also wise to make your presence known so you don’t surprise any bears along the trails. Fortunately, we saw lots of bear droppings but did not encounter any of the bears reportedly hanging about.

2015Quebec4 069
Even though it wasn’t migration season, there was lots to see and we were able to find a number of birds we hadn’t seen before including Bobolinks, a Chestnut-sided Warbler (look closely at the picture below) and Black-crowned Night Herons.

2015Quebec4 090Chestnut-sided Warbler

2015Quebec4 141Bobolink

2015Quebec4 052

2015Quebec4 104
And then the rain came!
2015Quebec4 245
Wood Duck

2015Quebec4 267
Pie-billed Grebe

2015Quebec4 296
Common Gallinule (or Moorhen)

2015Quebec4 335
2015Quebec4 348
2015Quebec4 355
Black-crowned Night Heron

This was the best shot I could get but there were also a number of herons in this pond and two Night Herons! Cap Tormente was well worth the visit and an incredible place to wander around. We will be back!

2015Quebec4 345

2015Quebec4 349


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