Along the North Shore

2015JulyQuebecTad6 095
2015JulyQuebecTad6 111
Baie Ste Catherine
2015JulyQuebecTad6 123

From Cap Torment we headed on up the north shore of the mighty river as far as the Saguenay at Tadoussac.
We saw a fair number of Blue-winged Teals as well as Golden-eyes and Cormorants in the river in addition to Canada Geese and Mallards. And along the shore we spotted Bank Swallows flying in and out of the holes in the clay-coloured cliffs.
2015JulyQuebec6 062
And finally, we got a good look at (and listen  to) a pair of eyecatching Evening Grosbeaks at Taddoussac as well as and Eastern Bluebird.

2105QuebecTad7 155
2105QuebecTad7 147
And of course, what better way to kill some time while waiting for the ferry from Saint Simeon to Riviere de Loup than to wander around checking out the birds.

2015JulyQuebec6 216
2015JulyQuebec6 245
2015JulyQuebec6 253
2015JulyQuebec6 258
2015JulyQuebec6 264


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