Long Point Birds


At this time of year we always like to see if we can catch the Sandhill Cranes on their way south and we were not disappointed yesterday. Sometimes when I first see them in the distance, in a field, I think they are deer because they are so big! Anyhow, a lot of the fields haven’t been cut yet, but we did see them in one of their usual haunts which was already harvested. And it was rather amusing to see one small group head off into the soybeans!



I’d say there were about 18 cranes in the field during the afternoon. We didn’t see any others joining this flock while we were there. As we drove around the field we also saw hundreds of swallow gathering on some telephone lines at the edge of the field; mostly tree and barn swallows. It’s was amazing to see how many were crammed along the wires together!

Olive-sided Flycatcher?
We also headed down to the creek where they have closed off the road because due to bridge repairs, which don’t actually seem to be happening. But that’s okay because the dead-end road makes for a good spot for bird watching along the creek, I’m not sure what it’s called. There were about two dozen Wood Ducks on the water there, probably more, but that’s all we could see before they moved upstream or into the shade.

Cedar Waxwings
We stopped for a walk at Canada Bird Studies but didn’t see too many birds. Not that they weren’t there, we could hear them, it’s just that it was the middle of the afternoon and the smart ones were keeping out of sight.
There were also Wood Ducks flying into the ponds and flocks of what could have been Cedar waxwings or Easter Kingbirds flying past regularly. Also there were about 6 Pied-Billed Grebes on the water below but too far off for good photos. Oh, and one snake which I inadvertently stepped on as I was looking skyward instead of where I was walking along the path. It’s either a Milk snake or a Fox snake, I’m no expert and don’t actually like to get too close!


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