Monday Afternoon

DSC_5698What better way to spend time waiting for a delayed flight than taking in the Perth Wetlands? There were still lots of shorebirds although fewer than the week before. And it was noticeably quieter with a large number of the Kildeer having moved on.
Wood Ducks, Mallards and Canada Geese were still hanging about in the ponds although there didn’t seem to be too many new arrivals during the afternoon.


There were also at least 3 or 4 Northern Flickers and dozens of swallows on grassy path lined with goldenrod and burdock.

DSC_5807While we were getting a pretty good view of a fairly small Green Heron with a birder from Guelph, four Great Egrets arrived together at the far end of the pond. They must have been tired because they were not at all concerned about us walking fairly close to them and remained there after we had left.



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