Stratford Eagle

While walking around the Avon River last week I noticed a fairly large raptor swooping down to the water to grab a fish and then taking off. Of course I stopped mid-sentence and dashed towards the river to see if I could get a better look as it headed off along the water and was amazed to see a juvenile Bald Eagle! (My fellow river-walker is quite used to my spontaneous dashing off btw.) And about 20 minutes later, from the opposite river bank we saw the same bird returning. It flew straight toward us, circled overhead and dove down to the water in front of us again and then off into the trees with its catch.


I went back the next day, with my camera and the bird was still hanging around the trees on the far side of the river and for the following few days. I haven’t had a chance to check but I am wondering if it is still around. I will take another look later today.

It finally got tired of being harassed by the crows and took off!

We spotted it again near the Waterloo Street bridge the following day as we were heading out of town on Monday.


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