A Week Later

DSC_7109What a difference a week makes in the water levels at the Perth Wetlands. We headed out for a quick look on Wednesday afternoon. Then light was not great for identifying the small number of remaining shorebird but we did enjoy some helpful identification tips from Eric Jeffries from St Marys. He had been there since 6 am having driven through some pretty heavy fog to get there at the crack of dawn. There were still flocks of Goldfinches gathering in the trees around the ponds. And an assortment of water fowl including Wood Ducks, Ruddy Ducks, Mallards and Blue Winged Teals.

DSC_7235DSC_7251DSC_7258DSC_7286DSC_7328DSC_7379DSC_7358Along with the Yellowlegs, Sanderlings, Semipalmated Plovers & Kildeer, there were a couple of interesting shorebirds hanging out with the ducks, such as the one to the left of the Wood Duck in the photo below.

DSC_7420And this long beaked character hiding out in the grass.

DSC_7408DSC_7174Lots of butterflies and bees and of course, snakes, now that I’m taking more care  to look down as well as up!



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