Erie Shores

DSC_9447Okay, it was October and we hadn’t had time to head to Hawk Cliff to try to catch some of the raptors on the move. So we loaded up the car and headed in that direction. It was windy & wavy on the Lake Erie shore near Port Burwell. Wind turbines were spinning, waves were crashing and wind-surfers were taking to the waters.
Black-necked Grebe
DSC_9684We spotted this Bald Eagle, the first of ten that day, in a tree above the bluffs near Port Burwell. We noticed quite a few Kestrels on our way to Lake Erie and finally began to see more raptors as we drove along the shoreline. The lighting conditions were not very good for shots of birds passing by! It was exciting to watch a couple of Juvenile Bald Eagles flying soaring past together.



There was certainly lots to look at as we waited for birds to pass overhead. The trees were gorgeous and from time to time flocks of sparrows or cardinals would occupy the roadside bushes.


 DSC_9828After a quick bite in Port Stanley, we headed for home. The sky was threatening and the wind was picking up so off we went. But we also spotted another pair of Bald Eagles as we drove down the valley outside of Tilsonburg.



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