Rondeau Oct 10

It was a fine day for a trip to Rondeau and a walk along the shore. but while the sun was shining there was a strong, chilly wind blowing. After a bowl of wind along the shore where we could see birds moving over the water in the distance and gulls along the shoreline, we weren’t really able to identify much so we decided to check out the trails.  Again, not much to see. In fact I think there were more spiders than birds!

DSC_9029There were a few different varieties of ducks and some swans that could be seen on the Bay.

DSC_9068DSC_9075We also took a quick tour of Erieau, hoping that we’d be able to get a better view of the waterfowl but weren’t really too successful. There were certainly much larger numbers of ducks gathering there but again, not very easy to see.
DSC_9103We noticed the Erieau Marsh Trail and had a quick walk along it as the light was beginning to fade. It was a little more lively with many songbirds taking shelter in the trees. Yellow-rumped warblers were especially noticeable.



2 thoughts on “Rondeau Oct 10

  1. Sounds like a great day. I’m looking forward to returning to Rondeau again at some point. It looks like it would be fun sorting through all those ducks.

  2. It really was, Jonathan. I always enjoy the chance to get back to that area and finding some new spots to do some bird-watching. And yes, I would loved to have tried to get a much better look but there were too many ducks too far away and not enough time that day!

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