Niagara & Fort Erie



While traveling down to Niagara last weekend, we kept a lookout for Hawks and Eagles along the Queen Elizabeth but no luck! And there wasn’t a lot to see at Niagara Falls. However above the falls we started seeing waterfowl; Hooded Mergansers, Bufflehead and American Widgeon in addition to Mallards & Canada Geese of course.


The next morning wasn’t looking too promising. Thunderstorms were in the forecast and it was cloudy and drizzly. We decided to head south to Lake Erie and along the shore before heading home. As we traveled along the Parkway, we could begin to see larger flocks of ducks moving down the Niagara River towards Lake Erie. Although they were a little far from shore at times, we could make out Cormorants, a Common Loon, Bufflehead Ducks, Mergansers, Goldeneye and Long Tailed Ducks.

DSC_0494DSC_0547DSC_0570We stopped at Fort Erie to take a look out on the water where the Niagara River meets Lake Erie.The rain had stopped for a bit. While there wasn’t much noteworthy on the water, there were dozens of birds in the trees in the park including Robins, Juncos, Sparrows, Downie Woodpeckers, Warblers and Grossbeaks.



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