Last October Post

DSC_0825 (2)I am busy trying to catch up on the last of the October birding posts. We managed to take one last October trip out to the Perth Wetlands on a brilliant morning. The trees and colours seem to have been really spectacular this fall. First up, the shore birds were still there. It was the 26th of October. We could see about 18 White Rumped Sandpipers, a dozen or so Yellowlegs and a Semi-palmated Plover.

DSC_0826DSC_0851 (2)DSC_0857 (2)
DSC_0854 (2)A number of Green-winged Teal could also be seen among the Mallards at the first pond.

DSC_0946 (2)
As we walked along the path to the further cells, there was a great kerfuffle and suddenly all of the birds that we had been watching earlier were nowhere to be seen. A Goshawk arrived and grabbed a duck, which it struggled to hang onto and finally pinned it down in the shallow waters. After we had left it moved to the shore at the bottom of the poplars to feast on its prey. And slowly the birds returned to the pond.

DSC_1027 (2)It watched me very closely as I took a few pictures after walking around the other ponds.  It was clearly not willing to abandon its meal. However it seemed unadvisable to get too close or stay too long. So off we went!



While there were mostly Canada Geese and Mallards on the other ponds, Northern Shovelers and Green Winged Teals were also there. (As well as a few other varieties; Northern Pintail, Bufflehead, Blue-winged Teal)DSC_1069

DSC_1064See ya!

DSC_1023 (2)
Oh and one more for the road home. A Red-tailed Hawk!

DSC_1100 (2)



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