End of the Day


Plenty of Goldfinches still to be found at the Wetlands! But otherwise the first pond was completely empty. However walking down the trail towards the other cells there was plenty of action from waterfowl coming and going; mostly Canada Geese and Mallards although there were also smaller numbers of Bufflehead Ducks and Green-winged Teals. The light was fading quickly so it was difficult to see what was in the far ponds, except for some Northern Shovelers.


DSC_2054Funny how different Bufflehead Ducks look when they are flying depending on the perspective. To me they look fat and round like puffins from the underside but much more elegant when seen from the upper view.


DSC_2105I’m pretty sure that this is a female Rusty Blackbird from it’s pale eye colour and it’s buffy breast as well as the facial colouring. Unfortunately this species of blackbird are in decline possibly due to habitat loss. I recall a birder telling me that he had spotted a Rusty Blackbird earlier in the fall but we hadn’t seen it at that time.





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