Long Point

Remembrance Day morning looked dull and grey, but as we headed to Long Point things started to brighten up!
In fact, although it was a little chilly it was another gorgeous November Day. We checked some of the fields off the highway for signs of Sandhill Cranes but didn’t see anything. The walkway into the marsh was closed but we could see and hear Tundra Swans flying in and out. From the causeway, I could see a couple of them but had no way of knowing how many were out there!
As I climbed the berm at the edge of the causeway to look at the Tundra Swans I noticed a Yellow-rumped Warbler nearby. And we could also see a Bald Eagle sitting in the Willows on the east side of the road down to the point. It was two far for a decent photo unfortunately. We headed over to the Birding station on Old Cut Road and caught sight of a Red-bellied Woodpecker.


A Northern Harrier was busy hunting in the fields near Lakeshore Road. While lunching in the park at the harbour in Port Rowan we saw a  juvenile Bald Eagle and an Osprey passing overhead along the shoreline a few minutes apart. The eagle appeared to fly into the trees along the shore at Bird Studies Canada and we are quite sure that the same bird took off as we approached the trees at the edge of the lake there. In the water below we could see hundreds of waterfowl including American Widgeon, American Coots, Mallards, Canvasback and Green-winged Teal. Then most numerous species was the American Coot.


And a little closer to the shore we could see some Pied-billed Grebes, four to be exact. They were a lot easier to count!


And a final check on our way home turned up some Sandhill Cranes in two locations; about a dozen in the first field and two dozen more in the second.

Spotted this mature Red-tailed Hawk on the road home.



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