First Snowy


It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Um, no not really! If you didn’t know that it was actually December the 11th or notice the bare trees across the river, it could actually look a lot like the middle of summer. However the dry roads have been nice for touring around on. And there were small clusters of Tundra Swans in the waters of the St. Clair River as we headed down to Mitchell’s Bay from Sarnia. We saw Canada Geese and gulls at Sarnia, but nothing else at all. The day was beginning to look like a wash, until we spotted our first Snowy Owl sitting on a hydro pole on the road to Mitchell’s Bay. The light was perfect for a shot, and we were able to get close enough without getting out of the car or disturbing the bird.



There were 3 Redhead Ducks in Mitchells Bay close to the park but across the water there seemed to be a large number of them closer to Walpole Island. 



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