DSC_6179 (2)

The weather is beginning to feel more like the January that we expect. So we bundled up and headed out in the minus 10 degrees to check on the birds. There were not a lot to be seen. We did encounter six Wild Turkeys high-tailing it over a field and across the road in front of us and into the woods on the other side. There were a few Hawks to be seen as well. Also a few gulls were still hanging around.

DSC_6191 (2)

We walked in the woods on the west side of Wildwood Lake for a couple of hours. It was comfortable walking in the shelter of the trees. The only birds we saw were some hardy Chickadees and a couple of Brown Creepers. We checked for Snowy Owls in places where we have seen them in the past couple of winters but have had no luck in finding them near Stratford this year.

It’s great to see the hours of daylight increasing again. It gives us a little more time to get back to the car when we set off later in the day. And I must say that I have come to love the seat warmers that I thought were ridiculous when we first got our car. They are heavenly after a few hours in the woods in freezing weather!


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