Out & About


Sunday started out cold and overcast but we were lucky enough to enjoy some brilliant sunshine in the afternoon. We decided to head towards Drayton and Wellesley for a change of scene. It was a day of many, many hawk sightings. And of course with the bare trees and snow-cover they are easy to spot. We wished we had been counting the number of hawks, but our best estimate would be about 30 throughout the day. Most of the birds we saw seem to be either Red-tailed or Dark-morph Rough-legged Hawks.




And before we got to Drayton, we saw a Snowy Owl sitting on a fence post in the distance. It was pretty difficult to see so far in the distance across the field. After I noticed it the first time, I kept looking to locate it but just couldn’t pick it out again, against the snow. However, we did resist the urge to disturb the bird and were dismayed to see a number of enthusiastic birders head out across the field until the owl took off.



The woods were quiet on the Drayton Trail except for a Downy Woodpecker and a White-Breasted Nuthatch and a few Chickadees that we could hear. The water on the river was mostly iced over but open in a few spots too.


At Conestogo Lake, on the way home, the water in the lake was completely snow-covered, but below the dam, the river was wide open and filled with Mallards and Canada Geese. As a flock of Pigeons circled over the dam we could hear a Hawk screeching in the distance. But it could only heard and not seen by us at least.


It was a fine afternoon out, but we were running  out of daylight so we headed for the barn so to speak, like the other folk along the road.



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