Eagles Everywhere!

Okay, time to do a little February catching up before February is gone. What seemed like a dreary month for birding has been pretty interesting with all of the unexpected and constantly changing weather. It was a fairly drab Groundhog day when we suddenly had dry roads and the chance to get out of town for a look around. We headed towards Goderich.  


We topped our previous record of 9 Eagles on a single day; we spotted 15 of them in a short distance. From our location on the road, we first noticed a ruckus going on behind a barn. A number of birds were going after something on the group and there was a juvenile balk eagle among them. Looking beyond the barn we could see a tree with 5 of the birds perched there, and a sixth joined them as we watched. Further up on the other side of the road there were 3 more eagles in the trees and more in a clump of trees across the road from the farm house. I can’t imagine what it would be like living there!




Some of the shots are a little distant, but you get the idea. Certainly the Eagle population is doing well in Southern Ontario!



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