February in Port Rowan

It was a chilly day, but again, dry roads beckoned to off we went. To begin we headed to the harbour to see if there was anything going on. We saw a large group of Tundra Swans gathering near the shore.



The woods at the Bird Studies centre were very quiet and we saw very little there. However there were some Brown Creepers, Chickadees and a couple of Cardinals. And we didn’t see too much on the way into Long Point except for Canada Geese and Mallards.



At the research centre at Long Point, we walked the trail, but again didn’t see too much. Although there were some signs of an early Spring! And back at the feeders there were many Pine Siskins which I rarely see. So that was a treat!





As we made our way off the Point to head home, we toured along the Sandhill Line and saw a couple of familiar characters landing in one of the roadside fields. Sure enough, they were Sandhill Cranes. First one pair, then three more a little further along. This certainly seemed a little early in the year for the arrival of Sandhill Cranes; February the 6th!
And of course the day would not have been complete without a Bald Eagle soaring overhead as we were leaving!



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