February Snowy!


Sometimes you’re lucky enough to just glance in the right spot to find something you’re looking so hard to find. It’s hard to catch everything as you’re rolling along the road scanning telephone polls and lumps in the snow and trees and rooftops. And this fellow was so beautifully camouflaged that we could have easily driven past even though he was close to the edge of the road.  We were able to roll the window down and get a few good shots without disturbing him.  And as we watched the sun came out and gave us some good light!


We saw this owl on Line 44 going towards Bornholm. There were also Hawks and Wild Turkeys around and a few Horned Larks along the way as well.  We returned to the spot where we had seen so many Bald Eagles on Groundhog Day but there wasn’t one to be seen! We headed down to Lake Huron to see the water and it was a very cold but beautiful day. It was great to see the sun and blue sky again.

And we did finally see a Bald Eagle flying along the Maitland River!




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