Feeder Watch


This winter I have been participating in the Bird Studies Canada Feeder Watch   one of their many citizen science projects, for the first time this year. It has been very interesting to pay more attention to the birds that visit our yard regularly. But it also makes you sit up and take note when other birds stop by as they pass through our area. Last week the yard I noticed a lot of Goldfinches, but then realized that there were about 12 to 14 Pine Siskins along with the finches. As far as I can tell, that was the only time they stopped by. I haven’t seen them before or since that day. How lucky to have noticed them. Perhaps I wouldn’t have if I hadn’t been doing the Feeder Watch and being much more alert this year.  

It was drizzly and dull when the Siskins stopped by. I wondered if they stopped to fuel up instead of moving on in the rain. You can see how difficult it was to make them out on the ground. It’s a bit of a Where’s Waldo in the photo above where there are 3 Goldfinches and 5 Pine Siskins.




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