We were heading off to continue our exploration of the hiking trails along Lake Huron, this time at Ipperwash. But, of course we took a short detour to see how many Tundra Swans were in the fields off Goosemarsh Line near the Pineries. There were a few hundred beginning to arrive.


A few Horned Larks were also still hanging around on the roadsides and in the fields.
I guess they will get moving on shortly because there were loads of Red-winged Blackbirds showing up again too. Definitely, the migration is on!

DSC_9465 (2)

At Ipperwash we took a look at the beach and then headed inland to find the Dunes & Swales Nature Reerve, which I had never hear of before. And again, we spotted a large flock of Cedar Waxwings feeding on the Juniper berries along the road.


We had a short hike in the Dunes & Swales (lowlands) and promised ourselves we would definitely return for a longer hike. We had arrived fairly late in the day but found some interesting trails in the woods there, although not much action on the bird front.  So home we headed, and while checking gazing into a field I noticed a couple of familiar shapes. They were so well camouflagued that they would have been very easy to miss; a pair of Sandhill Cranes.




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