Finally, a little bit of sunshine! With lots of Tundra Swans passing over Stratford this week, it really seems as though birds are on the move. We decided to continue along Lake Huron  in the direction of Sarnia. The flock of ducks below was a combination of Mallards and Common Mergansers.
There wasn’t a lot of action at Sarnia. But the ice was melting and we could see ducks flying across the water out on the lake. Occasionally the Long-tailed Ducks would fly into the river and drift out again with the current. We could also make out Buffleheads and Canvasbacks. I’m sure there was a lot more but they were pretty far out there!
So, home again, home again. And more Tundras were in the fields just outside of Northfield and another pair of Sandhill Cranes. They could have been the same birds we saw the week before but it’s hard to say. They were in a different field but still in the same area.
They didn’t seem to mind us creeping along the side of the road in the ditch, but the gig was up when a pair of motorcyclists came along and started voicing their enthusiasm loudly. The cranes headed off in the opposite direction. Oh, well I share their excitement and love seeing these gorgeous birds.  And all-in-all we had a pretty good outing because we caught sight of what will probably be the last Snowy Owl for the season. It was sitting on a telephone pole, just before dusk and didn’t seem to be bothered by us at all. We did stay in the car so as not to drive it away.
Bit of clowning around! Or checking out its feet maybe. Anyhow, bon voyage Snowy!

Oh, and I almost forgot. We were escorted home by some Tundra Swans & spotted our first Great Blue Heron of 2016. Quite a day!





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