September Begins!

Finally, September! Sorry for the lack of commentary for the last few months but of course, I have many, many excuses. It was too hot to stay inside. I had birding places to go and a dingy to sail and family stuff and so on and so on. But our enthusiasm for birding hasn’t faded, just the desire not to be inside on the computer! It was a real summery, summer. By that I mean, a real Ontario summer; hot and humid and with so little rain, there was little to stop us from heading out to hike, or sail. I’m not sure if the sailing interfered with the birding or the birding interfered with the sailing but in the end we did a lot of both!
And when the water in the reservoir at Wildwood drops, we always head over to check out the flats near Harrington to look for egrets, shorebirds and eagles! Will we ever learn to identify the waders that aren’t kildeer or yellowlegs?


2 thoughts on “September Begins!

  1. Glad to see your posts again Leslie. I understand what you mean about spending as much time as possible outdoors during the summer. That’s the way it ended up for me too. Beautiful photos!

    • Hi Johnathan! Thanks so much! I have been keeping an eye on a couple of blogs this summer and we spent many days searching for the pileated woodpeckers at the Pineries after reading about them on your blog! And thanks to you we branched out onto some of the further trails along the river where we finally saw the redheaded woodpeckers! And now that Fall has arrived, I’m excited to see what the change in the weather brings!

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