A Victoriaville, Quebec!


I have been keeping track of migration time for the Snow Geese since we had caught a glimpse of them from a train to Montreal last March. We decided to take a few days holiday, packed up the car and headed to la belle province to see the geese during their fall migration. We stopped in Gananoque on the way and arrived at Victoriaville,  a stop along their route south, which is east of Montreal and south of the St.Lawrence. Since the constant rain had stopped just as we arrived, we decided not to waste any time, and headed directly to the Beaudet Reservoir on the way in. The city was preparing for the annual festival to celebrate the migration with various cultural events on the weekend. We saw hundreds of geese on the water and in the air above us. We took a few photos and headed to our B&B. The next two days, the rain hardly stopped falling, and by the time Saturday morning rolled around, the first day of the festival, there were about a dozen geese at the reservoir! A wey! C’est la vie, eh?



Evidently, the male and female adults look alike, so the gray geese are the juveniles. And the rusty orange colour that you can see on the faces of some of the geese is a stain caused by the rust in the soil where the geese feed. Snow geese mate for life.

Even though the geese had vacated the reservoir, we did see large numbers in the fields to the south and west of Victoriaville as well.










Anyhow, be prepared to cherchez un peu if you can’t locate the geese at the reservoir. It’s a beautiful, agricultural area with lots of good cheese and other local products to sample as well.
A la prochaine!


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