Winter Wonderland

The temperature had fallen to around minus ten and the blowing wind and snow was making it seem even colder but that didn’t stop us from bundling up and heading out the door. We were curious to see what kinds of birds were hanging around. Instead of walking down by the river in the Park we decided to walk on the TJDolan trail further up the Avon but well protected in the woods. Once we got walking we didn’t feel the cold so much.

Tjdolan 017
We saw about 10 Mourning Doves sitting quietly in the trees.

Tjdolan 036E
As we walked along the river we saw a few dozen Mallards near the open water and a Great Blue Heron. It wouldn’t let us get close enough for a photo but kept moving along down the river as we approached. I don’t recall ever having seen any herons in this area during the winter before so we were quite surprised to see it.

Tjdolan 060T
Tjdolan 081E
And there was lots of activity at the feeders with Juncos, Chickadees, Cardinals and Finches.

Tjdolan 130E
Tjdolan 119E
Tjdolan 128E
 Redbreasted Nuthatch

Tjdolan 158E
Not bad for such a wild, wintery day!

Tjdolan 164E


2 thoughts on “Winter Wonderland

  1. i saw a great blue heron fly through the woods on my property in Ailsa Craig, Ontario over a small river a few days ago. quite a surprise!

    • Thanks for your comment Katherine. It is a surprise and you are not too far from us in Ailsa Craig. We have now seen three great blue herons between Stratford and St Marys in the last couple of weeks! and as you know the weather has been very cold and icy. I guess there must be enough open water at the rivers for them but it does seem quite odd.

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