Holy Harlequin!

Well, Sunday was an exceptional day for birding even though we thought we were not going to see much as a result of the minus double digit temperature. Most of the waters that we passed on our way to London were completely ice covered. We were surprised to see so much open water on the Thames where hundreds of Mallards and Canada Geese could be seen in addition to small numbers of Common Goldeneye, Hooded and Common Mergansers and a Redhead.


At one point, 3 Red Tailed Hawks circled overhead together and the Chickadees and Cardinals were noisy in the trees but the excitement really began when we ran into an enthusiastic birder walking along the trail. Robin Brown told us that he had spotted a Harlequin Duck about a week earlier. He generously took us to the areas where he said it was known to be hanging out with the Common Goldeneye. Well, we couldn’t leave without seeing it! And sure enough, after walking up and down the river we headed back to where we had seen the most Goldeneyes and there it was.


………………and there it went!




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