We spotted a few birds on a recent weekend at Sandbanks Provincial Park for a wedding. While having a morning coffee outside on the porch, this Black-capped Chickadee was waiting patiently for its parent to return with breakfast. And being able to watch it closely, I noticed that the eyelids close from the bottom to the top because it fell asleep for a bit; something I didn’t know before!

2015sandbanks 090
And on a quick bike ride down the road, the trees were filled with flycatchers, warblers, Baltimore orioles,  and red-wing blackbirds, cedar waxwings and swallows, to name a few. And, although it was a little distant, I noticed a hummingbird perched on a limb, the first of the season.

2015sandbanks 129
And a couple of swallows, one barn and one tree were yucking it up on a wire!

2015sandbanks 498
2015sandbanks 513
2015sandbanks 524
2015sandbanks 529
All in all, a gorgeous weekend for birding, even though there wasn’t really time to be looking for birds!

2015sandbanks 538
It definitely merits a trip back some time soon!

2015sandbanks 030


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